Our teachers use tried and tested methods that take into account the specifics of each age group. They create a fun and engaging atmosphere for students by using an accessible game approach and constantly educate themselves on newer and more progressive techniques in youth development.


Is not just a talented teacher, but also an expert in the field of practical psychology in school education, which allows her to use her knowledge in the field of developmental psychology in teaching, and when creating the author’s methods. Angelica took a course at Moscow State University as a teacher of Russian as a foreign language for children, which allows her to teach Russian to children of different levels of language proficiency. In Baltimore, Angelica is certified as an American pre-K kindergarten teacher. The most important thing for Angelica is to find her own approach to each child in order to reveal their talents. “Most of all I like the very process of working with children,” says Angelica, “I love to see how they grow and develop, how they open up. Each child is a unique and individual person, so teaching is always creative and interesting work. ”

At the East West Center, Angelica teaches Russian and eideism.


Best of all, she herself says about Anya’s teaching method: “I adore children, I feel in each of them the potential of a famous artist. Every child has his own style of drawing and thinking. “
This approach was promoted, among other things, by versatile art education. After the design studio and art school in Paldiski, Anya earned her bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the Institute of Communication Technologies, as well as from the Humanities College of Economics and Law, Department of Environmental Design. For several years Anya has been teaching drawing to preschoolers in Paldiski, for the last three years, Anya has been leading various creative groups at the East-West Cultural Center. Anya approaches working with children not only as a teacher, but also as a comrade – children share with her all the torments of creativity, and as a result, they open up and give themselves up to the creative stream. Anya loves to conduct group lessons on a common sheet. Thus, children better find a common language with each other, make friends, develop communication skills. Painting is the method of creativity in which everyone can discover their individual style. “Everyone has a talent for drawing,” says Anya, “it needs to be developed, to expand the boundaries of creativity.”

At East-West Center, Anya teaches classes for children ages 2 and up drawing, handicraft, and cooking class for girls, as well as the after-school program.


Snezhana graduated with a degree in pedagogy and psychology, “primary school teacher and practical psychologist”. After graduating from university, she worked in a kindergarten, and then for 4 years in a gymnasium as a primary school teacher. She loves children, sees her mission in “carrying light, kind, pure,” which is quite consistent with her image and character. In his work, he relies on proven and proven techniques. Snezhana especially loves Zaitsev’s technique for its versatility and high efficiency for working with young children.

At the East West Center, Snezhana teaches mathematics, Russian, and history.


A mathematics teacher who can achieve results in a short time. Children quickly master the basic knowledge of arithmetic, counting skills, learn to solve simple examples for addition, subtraction and division, and use the expressions “greater than” and “less than” competently and in appropriate cases. Tatiana introduces the world of numbers in a bright and addictive playful way so that children are involved in the process and begin to have an interest in mathematics. Tatiana manages to be a top teacher using innovative technologies not only thanks to her dual profile education at the State Pedagogical Institute named after Nizami (as an educator and teacher of primary grades) and more than twenty years of work experience – since 1989, but also thanks to the constant improvement of her level of education and study experience of the best teachers. “The most important thing is to teach children to think logically, critically, flexibly, and mathematics is the best helper in this!” – says Tatiana. Tatiana’s students regularly win competitions and Olympiads. She fervently believes in the importance of the gradual and careful study of the assimilation of mathematical concepts, and therefore she chose to teach children the “queen of sciences”, which in many respects determines the further life path.

At the East West Center, Tatiana teaches mathematics.