Our calendar is filling up with exciting events and masterclasses! Here’s a taste of what’s coming up, with more to be announced soon.

List of days when we are closed and open is at the bottom of the page


Stay up-to-date on our latest events by following our public Google calendar.


Sep 6, 2023First day of classes
Sep 25, 2023School is closed, No classes, Yom Kippur
November 23-26, 2023School is closed, No classes
December 22-January 1Closed for winter vacation, No classes
January 2, 2024Classes resume
March 25-29, 2024Spring Break
March 30, 2024Classes resume
May 25-26, 2024School is open
May 27, 2024School is closed, No classes
June 1 OR June 2, 2024Performances and End of School Year