Fine Art


If you want to raise your child to a talented doctor, scientist, or engineer – teach him to draw! Incredible, but true: in the Greco-Roman Empire, China, Egypt, and other ancient civilizations, it was believed that mastering drawing skills were necessary for mastering many professions. That is why this subject was included in the list of compulsory disciplines of child education.
And yet, modern moms and dads often ask: “Why should children be able to draw?” We answer – the drawing child has a good memory, learns to write faster, speaks more correctly, learns school subjects more easily, thinks more freely, looks at the world through the eyes of not a limited, but inquisitive, comprehensively developed person.
In our art school, children learn to paint with watercolors, oils, pastels, pencils, and acrylics. We introduce them to the laws of drawing composition, the principles of creating perspective and chiaroscuro, reveal the secrets of combining colors, teach them how to work with various image techniques. Our teachers teach their pupils to think imaginatively and fantasize, observe, compare and analyze, feel the beauty, and develop aesthetic taste.
We have truly creative teachers. They know how to captivate a little person withdrawing. In painting lessons, children not only draw – they play, listen to fascinating stories, solve riddles, answer questions. There are no children of little or no talent among our students. But there are liberated, free and happy individuals.
Come to our school for drawing masterclasses and join our creative team! We will teach your children to look at the world with interest and create their own masterpieces worthy of the best art galleries and collections.