Why math in the age of computing and digital calculators? This question is not for parents whose children are mastering math programs at the Russian Cultural Center.
Our students know that mathematics is needed to:

Develop thinking. Solving problems, children learn to analyze and systematize, reason, draw conclusions, identify patterns, build a sequence of actions, use strategy, and logic.

Develop memory. Oral counting, knowledge of the multiplication table, the principles of mathematical actions, and methods of solving problems are ideal simulators for children’s memory.

Develop qualities that are useful in life – concentration, attentiveness, perseverance, responsibility, accuracy.

Successfully study other sciences – physics, chemistry, geography, sociology, economics, geology. Even the humanities are easier for those who are good at mathematics.

Make a successful career in the future. Mathematics is at the core of many of today’s most sought-after professions. In the United States, these are information technology, medicine, finance, marketing, law, and management.

Save health. The ability to reason, be attentive, and focused help to learn to restrain emotions and prevent stress, which means avoiding many diseases.

Before your child becomes an outstanding computer programmer or doctor, prepare him for school. In mathematics classes at our center, children will learn to distinguish numbers, signs, and geometric shapes, count, compare, solve problems using simple arithmetic operations.
Of course, the lessons are not limited to basic mathematical knowledge. With the help of game exercises, educational visual aids, and toys, children learn to think, reason logically, and perform elementary actions, as well as master more complex mathematical concepts.

We have experienced and attentive teachers. They know how to talk to children in their language, interestingly and intelligibly immersing the child in the fascinating world of mathematics. We use individual teaching methods in groups of 5-6 people. They allow teachers to pay attention to each child, and children to master math quickly and in an accessible way.