Don’t know how to help your children learn Russian faster, overcome shyness, and lack of communication? Bring them to our puppet theater! This is an unusual developmental class where, with the help of puppet characters, children gain communication skills and learn to speak correctly.
How does this happen? In the hands of children, dolls come to life, begin to talk, express emotions, and do things. The child is not just a puppeteer, but an accomplice in the event. He empathizes with his character, learns to distinguish good from evil, learns the value of loyalty, friendship, and love.
Interactive activities are fun and useful for children. They develop language, help overcome stiffness, remove barriers in communication. Participation in puppet shows trains the child’s memory and speech expands his vocabulary and helps general development. Our “artists” do better at school, easily communicate with peers, become curious and active.
In lessons and rehearsals, children sing, read poetry, and are able to quickly get used to images. They are taught this by our “directors” – wonderful teachers, enthusiastic people who love theatrical art and children. They teach not only acting, but also teach each child to think, analyze and draw conclusions, express their thoughts competently, overcome self-doubt, find a way out of various situations, and feel free to express their emotions.
Rehearsals in the puppet theater are a breeze, performances are sold out. And all our children are “stars” deserving thunderous applause!