Learn to read, speak and think in Russian!
Russian is one of the world’s leading languages, along with English, Chinese, and Spanish. Today it is spoken by about 500 million people. The Russian language ranks second in terms of use on the Internet. In the United States, it is among the ten most common. And finally, Russian is one of the most beautiful and expressive languages ​​in the world. Aren’t all these reasons to start teaching him?

Knowledge of the Russian language will allow your children:

-Read unique Russian literature without translation;

-Get to know the outstanding Russian culture;

-Travel around the largest country in the world;

– Keep in touch with Russian-speaking relatives and friends;

– Get a good and inexpensive education in Russia;

– Become employees of successful American companies with representative offices in the CIS countries;

-To create your own business focused on one of the largest sales markets in the world.

In addition, studying the Russian language-rich, bright, diverse – is the best way to develop a child’s memory, logic, imagery, and mental flexibility.

Our programs are targeted at ages 5 to 15. To make children feel comfortable, we created small groups of 5-6 people and divided them by age and level of language proficiency. We especially want to note that we do not work with groups of children, but with children in groups. This means that not a single child is left without the attention of the teacher.

Our teachers use the best of the latest Russian language teaching methods, as well as the most successful authoring programs. Little students are not bored in the classroom, because they are fun and playful – children gain new knowledge in an accessible playful form using a variety of teaching aids.

We are proud of our achievements. Our students can not only read, write and speak Russian well, but also think and reflect in one of the most difficult and most beautiful languages ​​in the world!